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Massage Therapy

Jacqui Pruszynski is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Reiki Master Practitioner (RMP) and is Certified in Myofascial Release.  Her rates are $40 for a half hour, $60 for an hour and $80 for an hour and a half.  Call or text Jacqui at (330) 715-6590 to schedule an appt.

Aqua Chi Foot Bath

Sit back and relax while you soak your feet in a warm ionic foot bath that draws toxins out of the body and rebalances it's energy pathways.  The treatment is supposed to mimic the feeling of soaking in a natural hot spring.   Typically one feels more relaxed and has a heightened sense of mental clarity after just one session. Benefits increase from multiple sessions.  


Jeanne Wilson, CCT, will conduct thermograms onsite two designated days each month.  Appointments can be made in store or by calling us at (330) 208-2711.  Thermograms can be taken of the whole body or just the area to be investigated. Rates are as follows:

Breast or Single Area - $200

Half Body (head to pelvic) - $300

Full Body - $435


If you are not achieving your health/fitness goals or feeling your best, (maybe it's energy, sleep quality, chronic pain, nutrition, weight loss, blood sugar management, etc.), do you have a plan?  If the answer is No, then maybe a consultation is right for you.  What is a consultation?  We start with a general health questionnaire for comprehensive review.  Once returned, we schedule a one on one sit down for review, planning and recommendations.  Cost is $55.00.  If you determine that there are products beneficial for you, discounts will be available as part of this service.   Please stop in or call to schedule.  

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